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MLB Tommy John Surgeries Performed
Never Return to Play Major League Baseball
Of UCL Surgeries on Ages 15-19 Years Old


Athletes in professional sports are utilizing the EVO UltraFit system to prepare, recover, and perform at the highest level.
Ryan Madson ARP Wave Therapy

Career revival: Royals’ Madson got jolt he needed via electric therapy

“That’s what I had to go through to get it back," Madson says. "Not everybody is willing to go through that. Flat out. That hard work, pain, that’s what it took."

Ryan Madson EVO UltraFit Training

Dodgers’ Ryan Madson still has, um, electric stuff

“Things were strengthened, as well as lengthened in areas that needed to be lengthened, and the timing of the muscle firing is occurring correctly now.”

Robert Stock EVO UltraFit Training

Stock on the rise after years of turbulence

“It's a unique muscle stimulator that I use for hours a day. I'm always hooked up to the stim in the offseason, and I can have maximum intensity sessions every day. For other guys, that would be insane.”

Daniel Murphy EVO UltraFit Training

Daniel Murphy has taken up the electric therapy regime Ryan Madson swears by. He says it helps

“I think along with the training staff and the work we were doing with them, in conjunction with using EVO, I think it produced a healthy cocktail that helped me cross the finish line.”

T.J. Oshie EVO UltraFit Training

'Shock value': T.J. Oshie one of roughly 75 NHL players who use electricity to stay in shape

“So many guys now around the NHL are using it. I think the number is growing each year. I guess now we've gotten past the initial shock value.”

Zach Parise EVO UltraFit Training

As Wild, Jets grind their bodies suffer – and recover in new ways

“It’s challenging physically but I stuck with it for a long time and to me I think it’s the best out there.”


Throw Again is a life-altering baseball training and injury recovery program powered by EVO UltraFit, aimed to help players of all ages throw with comfort, durability, and longevity at maximal levels of performance.
Evaluation of baseball injury and training history

Performance Opportunities

Our evaluation process starts with a questionnaire about your baseball injury and training history. We will also gather objective data about how your physical and neurological systems are interacting and functioning.

Armed with this data, we will identify opportunities to optimize motion using video analysis and neurological stimuli to pinpoint disruption of your body's internal communication system.

Visualize limitless potential

Limitless Potential

A strong visual and feeling of your desired outcome is critical before participating in any rehabilitation or baseball training program.

Your belief in the end picture will dictate your will to prepare and optimize your life to the highest level.

You are designed to thrive, and with a clear and meaningful purpose in mind, there is no limit to your potential.

Optimize your training and lifestyle to maximize performance

Training & Lifestyle

Maximizing your performance requires more than just drills and workouts. In order to reach your true potential, you must also optimize your lifestyle and daily routine to support recovery.

Our baseball training program will challenge all phases of your being including physical, intellectual, psychological, emotional, and spiritual in effort to create repeatable results on the field and in everyday life.


Reviews from a few of our satisfied clients who have restored their quality of life and extended their baseball playing careers.

"Tommy John Surgery was a real possibility for my partial UCL tear, and I was willing to do anything to change the 12-18 month recovery timeline. After just 2 weeks of ARP Wave therapy my elbow was pain free, and I had the confidence I needed to pitch at high velocity again."

ARP Wave Testimonial from Tommy in Wauconda, IL
Tommy S.
Wauconda, IL

"I stopped playing because the shoulder pain throwing a baseball was unbearable. Tony not only rehabbed my shoulder so that I could throw again, but gave me a new level of awareness of how to maximize my training and live a drug-free lifestyle. The applications of this system are infinite!"

ARP Wave Testimonial from James in Bloomingdale, IL
James B.
Bloomingdale, IL

"I tried everything to alleviate the pain from a partial UCL tear. With ARP Wave therapy, I was surprised to find that the origin of my elbow pain was coming from other areas. The focus on reteaching the body to move and function as designed is truly one of a kind. My arm strength is now even better than it was in college!"

ARP Wave Testimonial from Eddy in Naperville, IL
Eddy G.
Naperville, IL

"I was playing for years with pain and swelling in my knee, and by age 50 my back and shoulder were deteriorating so much that my throws had nothing on them. After working with Tony, I don't have to deal with the pain anymore. I have more distance on my throws, I can recover faster, and I can enjoy activities with my kids."

ARP Wave Testimonial from Jin in Schaumburg, IL
Jin K.
Schaumburg, IL

"I was very skeptical at first, but after my first session, I saw incredible improvement. My elbow pain was gone after the full 20 sessions, and I went from the inability to even throw, to 100 innings pitched the following season!!! At 47, I am back to being able to do just about everything I was able to do 20 years ago on the field."

ARP Wave Testimonial from Eric in Buffalo Grove, IL
Eric P.
Buffalo Grove, IL

"I tried everything else to recover from recurring baseball injuries with my knee, elbow, and shoulder, but nothing helped. In the first ARP Wave therapy session with Tony, I was feeling pain relief. This program has extended my playing days another 3-5 years when I would have thrown in the towel otherwise."

ARP Wave Testimonial from Mike in Volo, IL
Mike O.
Volo, IL

"Before using this training system, I had a recurring battle with baseball injuries and routinely used over the counter anti-inflammatory medication to reduce painful ailments. Now I can be active, pain-free, and drug-free while still playing the game I love for years to come."

ARP Wave Testimonial from Andrew in Naperville, IL
Andrew L.
Naperville, IL

"Tony opened my eyes to whole new way of rehabbing and training. After a severe baseball injury requiring ankle surgery, I wasn't sure if I'd ever walk the same again, let alone play baseball. Instead of ending my career, I came back even stronger and more prepared than ever before!"

ARP Wave Testimonial from Bobby in Chicago, IL
Bobby P.
Chicago, IL


Select a recovery option or baseball training program that best suits you.


  • Recover from repetitive stress
    Accelerate Surgery Recovery
  • Accelerate surgery recovery
    Minimize Pain & Discomfort
  • Increase range of motion
    Increase Range of Motion

6-Week Program

Rental Device Included

*Shipped Anywhere in the U.S.

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  • Restore damaged tissues
    Restore Damaged Tissues
  • Eliminate pain symptoms
    Eliminate Pain Symptoms
  • Rebuild strength and function
    Rebuild Strength & Function

20-Session Program

10 Facility Visits Required

*Available By Appointment Only

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  • Train and recover simultaneously
    Train & Recover Simultaneously
  • Resist baseball injury and fatigue
    Resist Baseball Injury & Fatigue
  • Customize your workouts
    Customize Your Workouts

Month-to-Month Program

3-5 Workouts Per Week

*Accessible via Phone/Tablet

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"I created Throw Again for players like me who have a strong passion for baseball and just want to keep playing.

I have not only used EVO UltraFit to personally recover from 20 years of recurring elbow pain and other baseball injuries, but also to cultivate a lifestyle that eliminates any doubts concerning overall health, performance, and longevity.

It is my belief that high-level athletic performance should never come at the expense of a high quality of life. With a dedication to lifelong preparation, there are no limitations."

EVO UltraFit Specialist & Founder of Throw Again
Tony Feo
EVO UltraFit Specialist & Founder of Throw Again


Get answers to the most common questions about Throw Again.
What is the EVO UltraFit system?

EVO UltraFit is a system of training developed by Jay Schroeder that focuses on the way in which the body interacts with stimuli. By taking this approach to health, fitness, and performance it is possible to reach and surpass your goals quicker than with traditional rehabilitation, strength, and baseball training methodologies. For more information visit

How is this program different?

Our system of rehabilitation is based on the belief that all injury is a direct result of the body’s inability to absorb force. This inability to absorb force is due to an individual’s neurological inability to communicate with muscles fast enough to allow the muscles to contract appropriately. We utilize proprietary ARP Wave Therapy to target the neurological origin of all soft tissue conditions and symptoms, not just the physiological symptoms.

What conditions do you treat?

All different types of chronic pain conditions and acute musculoskeletal injuries can be treated with ARP Wave Therapy including elbow pain, shoulder pain, tendinitis, rotator cuff injury, muscle / tendon strains, ligament sprains / tears, labrum tears, ucl tears, meniscus tears, stress fractures, arthritis, and more.

Do you accept insurance?

No, unfortunately we do not accept insurance, but our programs are eligible for reimbursement under most HSA plans. The forms of payment we accept are cash, check, and major credit/debit cards.

Is this program only for professional athletes?

Not at all. Even though many professional athletes do utilize the EVO UltraFit system, our baseball training programs are available to youth, high school, college, adult league, and professional players of all ages.

I have a UCL tear and was recommended to have surgery, can you still help me?

Absolutely! In order to best understand your unique circumstances, it's best that we complete a baseball injury evaluation first so we can help you decide which program is ideal. Generally, it's possible to avoid Tommy John Surgery altogether with our ARP Wave Therapy program, but if you still choose surgery, we can help accelerate your Tommy John Surgery recovery time with an In-Home Recovery program.


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